Friday, May 27, 2022

Patreon Tiers

Get a behind-the-scenes look into my haunted world. 

See photos of the haunted locations I visit.

Learn about current works in progress, random musings, crafty creations, poetry, and more.

Be among the first to see news about upcoming books and projects including cover reveals! 

Be the first to know about events and book signings

Plus get coupons for my Etsy stores and discounts on signed copies of my books.

Get all the benefits of tier-one plus a more in-depth look at my haunted life.

Peek into the ghostly aspects of my world and see the photos and video of the places I visit and read about their haunting tales and any spooky experiences I had while visiting them.

All the benefits of tiers 1 & 2 plus regular trips down the rabbit hole with me.

Not everything I research ends up in a book.

I get interested in historical locations, oddities, and weird random things (true crime, ghost stories, etc) and I do a ton of research on these weird topics. 

Follow me and learn what I learn.

Also get free merch like custom-designed stickers and downloadable content.

All the benefits of the previous tiers plus more history, mystery, and magick.

Get behind-the-scenes information about the haunted locations in my books and see full-color photos. The books only showcase a few black and white images. They don't have space to show you all the photos of the haunted locations.

Get free stickers and downloadable content.

Tiers Follow Me Down the Rabbit Hole & History, Mystery and Magick will receive this sticker

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